“A thoroughly original work of fiction.”

          — Mark Schreiber, The Japan Times

“A great adventure and the beginning of a new hero.”

          — Ed Jones, KBEM

“Move over James Bond and Mr. Bourne, make room for Cono.”

          — Penny Seibert, KOGA Midwest Opinions

“A superb piece of writing” with “a hero who I’m hoping is going to be a series character.”

          — Rodger Nichols, Gorge News Center

“A tremendous first novel.”

          — Steve Hexom, KBUR Morning Show

“Absolutely intriguing. A great, great book … Cono just really grabs you.”

          — Nolan Crowell, KWYK

“The writing is sumptuous and describes Kazakhstan well.”

          — Caravanistan Silk Road Travel Guide’s Best Books on Kazakhstan

“Original, un-put-down-able, definitely not your typical espionage thriller.”

          — Michelle Martin, Singapore’s Best of Talking Books